The Pigeon Detectives – Broken Glances

Long-standing, Leeds indie heroes The Pigeon Detectives released their fifth studio album, ‘Broken Glances’, on 24th of February this year.  This comes nearly four years since their last release and you can see just how much the band have evolved over time. The new album is unique, atmospheric and, at times, dark.


Opening track ‘Wolves’ drifts in with ethereal guitars and front man Matthew Bowman’s sweet sounding voice weaving through the soundscape. The drums progressively build up emotion before we hit a smooth finishing point, that transitions into a groovy bass track. ‘Lose Control’ is catchy, almost dance like, with a strange sense of melancholy from the contradictory lyrics. It’s reminiscent of the bands older work, just a lot darker. The spiky guitars thrash together to the hook, more and more, before eventually combining into one abrupt end note.


A steady bass line bounces in the middle of their sound, as dreamy chords rush through ‘Munro’, The vibe of the last few songs has stayed the same, however things have slowed down now. With the vocals soothing, high pitched and brimming with alt-indie style. A chilling two-part guitar solo eases through the air, notes bending and blending between each other before a sudden and seamless transitions into ‘Enemy Lines’. The album has a story, every track is connected in a passionate medley of sadness, love and hope.

‘Sounding The Alarm’ is an all-round memorable composition that creeps up on you with things getting slightly more electronic and distorted. The contagious hook “All alone, all alone, all alone” bellows through ever-increasing drums and stabby synths. Suddenly we’re brought to a halt. Piano ballad ‘Falling in Love’ brings us up into a heavenly plane before emotions run high in the next track, ‘A Little Bit Alone’


‘Stay With Me’ feels like the breaking point in the story. Bowman has sung of falling in love, feeling alone and now is crying out for his lover to stay.  The vocals occasionally transitioning into distorted, opera-like harmonies, the guitars are fuzzy and angry. The instruments gallop towards a passionate crescendo, that gives birth to ‘Postcards’. This The next track, ‘Postcards’, starts mellow and easy before spiralling out of control in an amazingly-produced breakdown.

The story finishes up on ‘Change My World’, a relieving and accepting anthem. It’s a perfect finish, providing closure to the ordeal before abruptly, and fittingly, ending


All in all, The Pigeon Detectives new album is a beautiful composition. You can tell how much they have evolved over the years. Things have changed a lot. It’s one of those albums that is hard to appreciate if you listen to the tracks individually or skim trough it. It tells a story and should be listened to from start to finish. This is different from their previous work, it’s more off a full meal rather than a collection of snacks – an album that should be enjoyed in one sitting.

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