Oxo Foxo – Disguise EP

If androids dream of electric sheep, Oxo Foxo’s nocturnal meanderings are filled with the wanderings of a vulpine variety. Since leaving Urgent Talk and spending some time at the seaside, Oxo Foxo has been slyly plotting away in her bedroom.

What started as a small project in the twilight hours, has gradually grown in scope; culminating in a prime time performance in Sheffield Cathedral at last year’s Tramlines. She’s been slowly beavering away in the studio on and off ever since and the result is the Disguise EP. The record opens with ‘Turn It Back On’, which aptly feels like an introduction of sorts. Bliss-filled pop melodies leap and cavort round the fields, beckoning the listener onwards on a journey of discovery. It’s laced full of catchiness; she is clearly having great fun experimenting with sounds and effects.

‘The Hunting Song’ is a more introspectively joyous jangly affair; cranking up the sound halfway through before returning to more harmonies decorum. ‘Starfish’ feels like a late night lullaby, a lamentation on life. It’s the most subdued track of the five; feeling like fragile crystal and glistening with understated beauty. ‘Snow Days’ revives faint memories of St Etienne wrapping you up cosily in its warm glow. The EP comes to a close with ‘Blindfolded’, which is the perfect way to draw things to a close.

Oxo Foxo has managed to transfer the magic of her live performances onto record, and just in time for summer.

Disguise is released on May 4 and is available via itunes. Physical copies to follow shortly.


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