Opus Presents – Not What You Know Vol. 1&2

images albums Opus Presents   Not What You Know Vol 1  2   2012112854408437.w 290.h 290.m crop.a center.v top | Opus Presents – Not What You Know Vol. 1&2There’s no doubting that the Opus Indpendent team are something rather special, with their love of music, arts and community. The not-for-profit venture started in 2005 and since then they’ve assembled a mass of talent be it in print, spoken word and music.

The end of November saw the release of Not What You Know Vol. 1&2, a 24 track downloadable album packed with talented Sheffield musicians. You’ll probably have heard of acts such as Hey Sholay, Dead Sons and The Grand Old Ukes of Yorkshire who all feature on the album but there’s plenty more to discover.

Grand Old Ukes Of Yorkshire

From the likes of Jazz infused dub from Kib Lib, to the bluesy riffs of The Hope Explosion, the laid back beats of Darkstorm, spine tingling vocals from Captives on the Carousel as well as Nintendo madness from Harley Likes Music it’s something rather special brought together in a neat little package.

Nigel Mphisa

Every track offers something different, with a non-specific genre enthused from start to finish NWYK provides a high class aural amusement for any music lover and it’s for free too, go on treat yourself and have a listen.



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