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Opus Independents have been hosting a top notch acoustic night every Thursday night at The Riverside Pub in Sheffield for just over a year now. In that time, they have consistently hosted impressive line-up of musicians from around the UK.  To celebrate the range of talented performers that have graced their stage, they have put together a compilation CD of music from some of highlights. The full track listing is:

  1. Thomas Leeb – Grooveyard
  2. Rozi Plain – Stolen Shark
  3. Phantom Dog Beneath the Moon – As Perceived by Mice
  4. Rachael Dadd – Rice Triangle
  5. Dean Mcphee – Sky Burial
  6. Woolly Mammoth – Aerial Boundaries
  7. Joe Kriss – The Good News Brigade
  8. Gav Roberts – The Postman
  9. James Lock – Poet Does Not Require Attendance
  10. The Payroll Union – Emily
  11. Rik Warren – Demons
  12. Fallen Leaf – Gathering
  13. Sieben – We Wait For Them
  14. Louis Romegoux – Long Journey Home
  15. Belleville – Djangos Tiger
  16. Liz Green – Midnight Blues (live)

The CD features a staggeringly wide range of top quality music and spoken word. The diversity is fabulous and listening to it is an absolute treat. You may not know many of the names, but after a couple of listens there will be artists on here you’ll want to pursue further. The compilation begins with masterful guitar work from Thomas Leeb, followed by a wonderful track from Rozi Plain.  She’s a singer-songwriter from Winchester who has a wonderful voice, and with ‘Stolen Shark’, concocts a beautiful lullaby of a song.

The violin looping and vocal layering of Sheffield’s Sieben on ‘We Wait for Them’ is another highlight. Matt Howden (Sieben) has been an exceptional performer and musician for many years. Other highlights include the divine folk musing of Bristolian Rachael Dadd on ‘Rice Triangle’ and the consummate Americana of The Payroll Union on the beautiful ‘Emily’.

Indeed, I could go on and on. I strongly suggest you invest your hard earned cash on this record; you will not be disappointed. I also highly recommend a trip to the Riverside on a Thursday night to experience it first hand.

Purchase the CD here for a mere £5.50 http://www.opusindependents.com/shop/merchandise/

Fallen Leaf – Gathering

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