Ook and the Elephant – Find Yourself Gone

Imagine yourself in the hot British summer sun with a refreshing beverage in one hand and your loved one in the other. That is where Ook and the Elephants’ music takes you. If I close my eyes when I listen to their debut EP ‘Find Yourself Gone’, I find myself in a big field in the middle of Glastonbury.

Picture Band of Skulls’ and Gogol Bordellos’ child, it comes in the shape of a Bolton based quartet.  Emily Cooke has some of the sweetest vocals you will hear in today’s music industry. Don McColl sings as low as his bass does, a contrapuntal sound compared to the lead vocals. For me it sums up their style, it’s like sugar coated fury.

The last track on the EP Not Yet has an uplifting, almost epic instrumental; it then gets carpeted in a Lord of the Rings style vocal track, giving off such an intriguing sound. The whole thing is full of peace and love and in general, a complete act of freedom. But then it is constantly surrounded by a slight smell of aggression, it stings the nostrils.

Opening track ‘All Fall Down’ is reminiscent of Karen O’s vocals in any Yeah Yeah Yeahs song. Awesome.

Rag and Bone offers an unusual, almost perverse feel about it, whilst penultimate song ‘Take Off All Your Clothes’ will definitely get you tapping your feet.

Give them a listen and you’ll ‘Find Yourself Gone.’ Gone with musicianship, creativity and sheer fun.

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