Nylo – Control

nylo | Nylo – ControlNylo, a three piece contemporary rock band based in London, release their debut single ‘Control’ on February 21st through indie label “Box Records”. The band, originally from Udinese in Italy relocated to London after recording their soon to be debut album with Howie B – a producer who has previously worked with the likes of Bjork and U2.

‘Control’ is a euphoric blend of electronically processed riffs and high octane vocals that draw you in before blowing you away for the songs eventual climax. The precise timing of the underused guitar is what really raise’s this song into superlatives, creating an eerie tension throughout the verses before exploding into the song’s chorus.

The band seem keen to play on many British influences, the easiest comparison to make would be Muse, yet whilst the vocals are of a similar domain, it’s their ability to shape the sounds they use that draws the likeness. Howie B’s input also seems evident with the vocals drawing away from the music in much the same way Bono manages on U2’s work.

The band are currently playing a handful of gigs in order to promote the release of ‘Control’, details for which can be found at www.nylo.co.uk. The single will be available on free download from their official site from 21st February.

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