Nope: Revision (Obscene Baby Auction/The Audacious Art Experiment)

nope | Nope: Revision (Obscene Baby Auction/The Audacious Art Experiment)Revision is the debut album from the Leeds and Bradford based four-piece Nope. The band features members of That Fucking Tank, Runners, Cowtown and Mucky Sailor. This six track album will be a split label release from The Audacious Art Experiment and Obscene Baby Auction the DIY label previously responsible for some That Fucking Tank releases.

The opening track ‘Black Mask’ is well structured with some impressive instrumentation, the drumming in particular. It builds towards a satisfying end and would make a good album closer for bands like The Sunshine Underground. The majority of the album is instrumental but the second track ‘Porous Spile’ features a muffled vocal from Patrick Dowson of Mucky Sailor.

Third track ‘Todmorden’ is a more laid back affair to begin with, there is a beautiful acoustic guitar melody played over tribal drums. It’s reminiscent of a late night jam at a folk festival until the heavily distorted guitars kick in making the track the polar opposite of how it started.

Then comes ‘Behind The Skullbong’ another heavy and infectious instrumental with piercing drums and engaging guitar riffs. The album then takes a step up from that with the uplifting ‘Pentrich Rising’. This track is intelligent and brilliantly structured with many interesting and compelling layers.

Just when ‘Pentrich Rising’ has made you believe that Nope have demonstrated the full extent of their song structuring abilities along comes the eighteen minute odyssey ‘Crooked Staff’. For a song to last eighteen minutes and keep your attention and interest until the last minute it has to be something special. ‘Crooked Staff’ achieves this as it is truly gripping throughout. The spoken but angst ridden vocal builds in increments until it is sung and then shouted.

This is a clever well structured album in which each song builds perfectly. Revision is available as a download or on vinyl from the 1st of June at the site below.

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