Neil McSweeney – Cargo

As the leaves turn to amber and there’s an autumnal haze around that brings a glow to the horizon, it’s time to wrap yourself up in Neil McSweeney’s new album, Cargo, press play and keep yourself warm for the next few months.

Enthused with folk and country, Cargo isn’t an upbeat album when compared to traditional folk. It gently leads the listener in to a sense of emotive narration that pings back and forth throughout the 11 tracks. There are moments that put a smile on your face in the midst of a moment of reminiscence (Happiness, Bulldozer), whilst there are poignant tracks (New Years Day, San Miniato, Snow Blind) that will form a lump in the throat at the sheer delicateness of not only the lyrics but the sombreness of the music. The notion of hardship and the way that the human spirit can be knocked ebbs back and forth throughout Cargo, the need to simply move on rings out within each track, as is stated in the lyrics of Into The Sound ‘climb aboard son, don’t fear the tide we’ll drink every drop and everything will be fine.

With lyrics like poetry and music that simply melts in your mouth, McSweeney and producer Andy Bell, have crafted a truly stunning album. With an air of effortlessness and a sense of nurturing, Cargo hits the spot for those dark nights spent on your own or with friends.

Cargo is released on October 28th, for more information see Neil McSweeney’s website

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