Midnight Juggernauts – Uncanny Valley

Blending seamlessly to create a sound more like a dreamy DJ mix enjoyed by UV painted festival goers with dinner plate pupils than a 10 track LP, Uncanny Valley is the third album to be released by Australian threesome Midnight Juggernauts.

The release is let down by its opening track. ‘HCL’ is not the punchy electronica you might expect from Midnight Juggernauts, but as the trio are veterans on the scene after being formed in 2006 and spending the years since then gigging and releasing new music, perhaps they are beyond grabbing everyone by the collar in the first few beats.

The first third of Uncanny Valley has a very distinguishable similarity to the score of a video game, and despite its title’s violent connations ‘Ballad Of The War Machine’ would be the perfect soundtrack to an on screen mission of collecting coins and beating baddies rather than the phscyadelic trash promised in the band’s own description.

But stick with Uncanny Valley, ‘Sugar And Bullets’ is a stand out track, rhyming paradise with sacrifice it’s a rare opportunity to enjoy the lyrics Midnight Juggernauts often leave as second best to their carefully crafted samplers, synths and acoustics. ‘Systematic’ sees the band tell a tale of that one person’s eyes to their poppiest track whilst ‘Another Land’ showcases the band’s knack of creating dark, progressive music, despite an odd chanting replacing vocals from time to time.

Uncanny Valley is an album that proves these veterans of Australia’s electronic scene know how to create songs laced with intricacy and intrigue. It ends better than it begins, with the complex and dancey ‘Melodiya’ giving the album the punchy finish it could have done with at its slow burning beginning. Either way this is a record to be listened to indulgently on a summers evening.

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