Mel Merio – Lovemore

MelMerio Life LoveMore 008 | Mel Merio – LovemoreMel Merio has many strings to her bow. Club promoter, performance artist, vocalist and all round musician. After previously collaborating with the likes of Chicks on Speed, Clemens Haipl and Peter Pansky, and promoting nights for over ten years in Vienna, Berlin, Hamburg and New York, Mel Merio finally unleashes her debut UK single ‘Lovemore’ produced in collaboration with the highly acclaimed electronic wunderkind Christopher Just and NY club legend Larry Tee.

The track itself starts off with good intentions, with a nice sounding synth arpeggio loop. Once the vocals enter the mix, they are enhanced with vocoder, and disguise what could be a good voice. The track has a New York icy Uber-cool feel to it, and I could see this filling the dance floors in NYC and parts of Europe. Whether this translates in the UK remains to be seen.  Mel Merio states The ‘Lovemore’ message is simple, and the track sends much the same message with it’s minimal breakbeat and synth loop. The downside of this is that It doesn’t really go anywhere and it doesn’t lift or peak.

The end product? Lovemore seems to be a few pills short of a good dance track.

Lovemore will be followed by her debut album in Spring 2011″.

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