Low Duo: The EP of Truth and Regret

393322 321232154574817 142918432406191 1018865 1816769884 n 250x250 | Low Duo: The EP of Truth and RegretHaving been proclaimed as one of the most intriguing and unique bands in Sheffield today, Low Duo (brothers Adam and Leigh Greenwood) kick off 2012 with their most enthralling release to date, ‘The EP of Truth and Regret.

One thing which drew people to Low Duo’s earlier material was its stripped down production. Their one instrument and vocals mantra lent itself beautifully with the pair’s self-deprecating lyrics and haunting vocals, and whilst that chilling innocence remains there is a more refined edge to the EP’s presentation.

Opener ‘Ambulance’ is a devastatingly graphic tale of hopelessness in the face of death, with this being the pair’s best track to date and confirmation of their song writing credentials. Yet, it’s on ‘In Our Little House’ that Leigh’s vocals really show their strength, instantly switching from a childlike whimper to an aggressive rage, and on closing track ‘Waltz With Her’ the lyrics elegantly entwine themselves around Adam’s minimalistic guitar chords.

Now three releases in and with an ever growing reputation as the next big thing in minimalistic folk Low Duo’s ‘The EP of Truth and Regret’ encapsulates everything the brothers have created to date. Blissfully innocent in sound but with brutally honest lyrics this EP is further affirmation of how far the pair can go in the coming years.


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