Low Duo – The EP of Fear and Failure

PastedGraphic 1 | Low Duo   The EP of Fear and FailureLow Duo follow up their immaculate debut EP, ‘The EP of Hope and Despair’ with an equally desolately titled comeback. ‘The EP of Fear and Failure’ runs on many of the same themes as their first attempt, yet here their guitar rhythms tend to be more unconventional, with lead singer Leigh exploring his vocal range leaving the listener on edge as to what journey each song will take. In the bands own words, “This EP is more intricate, fuller sounding, slightly darker and has somewhat of a claustrophobic feel to it.”

Pick of the tracks is ‘Kills in The Lamplights’, which opens up to a marching muted guitar rhythm beneath delicate high pitched vocals, before striking into an attacking chorus, which acts as a catalyst for the vocals and guitar to become stronger and more haunting as the song progresses.

Elsewhere, ‘No Happier’ encapsulates the Low Duo spirit to perfection, sharp and edgy vocals singing dark lyrics such as; “I am the darkness in your bedroom window,” perhaps documenting an inevitable ended relationship which has left either party ‘No Happier’.

The band achieved a large amount of critical interest and press coverage from their first EP, the pick of which was the Guardians ‘Band of The Day’ slot, earning them a number of high profile gigs. This EP proves that this band has a lot more to offer as they explore the realms of their self created, sharp emotional soul acoustic niche genre that as of yet doesn’t really have a title.

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