Low Duo – Dive and Slide into the Blue

After sharing some of their deepest darkest moments within their previous musical offerings, Low Duo return with something slightly more upbeat and positive. We say slightly and we mean slightly, the Greenwood brothers say that Dive and Slide into the Blue is about ‘putting yourself back together again’.

Opening with Keep your Sparkle in the Pain there’s advice in the offering; Adam plays his guitar akin to the dramatics of an old black and white movie as Leigh’s vocals gently narrate through each word sung. With its ups and downs there’s a sense of warmth that prevails through the darkest of moments. Within Circus Blues there’s an air of the despair, as the tempo takes a step up it soon falls with haunting vocals, it’s a song that appears full of hate, but it’s mainly about regret. As Winter offers recitation of that instance when you’re caught in the darkness of certain place and a certain time where insecurities can rear their ugly head. Lyrically its poetry, vocally it’s emotive and tender. The beauty that follows throughout the track makes it one of the standout songs on the album.

Born into a Spider draws in that sense of loss. There are few words to capture the emotion but the tone in Leigh’s voice manages to draw you into the sense of loss alongside Adams racing guitar riffs. The most simplistic approach to the album is held within Doubts, a song that is to the point and uncomplicated. Whilst Eagle delves into despair, ‘but when they look and fly way then we start crying and we keep crying, until we can’t cry anymore’, the tenderness drifts throughout the song, both lyrically and musically, that falls simply and drips with emotional uplifting sense of hope.

Interlude: Igloo offers a brief instrumental reprise, time to take a deep breath and get thoughts in order. As Bloodhound follows with a dirge from the guitar and what appears to be a track that gives advice to those at what could be the end of a relationship, like an open letter narrated to the listener it gives the notion that shit does happen as it draws to as close with the true fact that ‘sometimes two lovers just fall out of love’.

Throughout Dive and Slide into the Blue there’s a theme running, that of loves lost, despair and hopelessness, it’s what Low Duo do best. With its lo-fi no frills approach there’s individuality within each track.  The Greenwood brothers have the ability to bring out the most of every single sound recorded without the need for high spec production, its back to basics and it certainly works with their own style.

The lyrics fuelled with the music contained in each track on Dive and Slide into the Blue manages to find that soul searching moment that reaches inside and brings about the recognition that things are really going to get better, you just have to remember that.

Dive and Slide into the Blue is released on the 22nd April through http://lowduo.co.uk/

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