Low Duo – The EP of Hope and Despair

Low duo EP cover | Low Duo – The EP of Hope and DespairAching and echoing with a recurring theme of desolation, “The EP of Hope and Despair” is the most beautiful body of music to come out of Sheffield this generation. No exaggeration. Fresh from a break with former band ‘Dark Sparks’, brothers Adam and Leigh Greenwood have opted to go it alone and create their own, very distinct sound. 

A simplistic approach has allowed vast amounts of room for the powerful allure of lead singer Leigh’s vocals to be recognised. This is especially true of “Like a Fly” and “Fifteen Years”, in which the delicate guitar rhythms contribute a perfect bed for what can only be described as musical poetry. The vocals lead you into a spiraling insight of personal emotion in a way only truly magnificent songwriters ever manage. There are very few bands or talents in the world you can compare to the late Jeff Buckley, but this is certainly one of them.

Throughout the EP you sense other sentiments, both in tone and lyrical content. The powerful “It Was You and Me” seems very much to be a breakup song, mixing scornful verses with a soft chorus and in doing so presenting a roller-coaster ride that anyone who has been in a tough relationship will be able to relate to. Elsewhere, “The House on The Hill” is a perfect final track. Offering a more upbeat rhythm even whilst running on the same dark melancholy lyrical themes and refusing to entertain any form of percussion other than the pulsing guitar.

With the band playing a string of Sheffield based gigs it will be very difficult to miss them in the coming months. In the mean time, “The EP of Hope and Despair” is available to download from iTunes.

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