Limit Break

At first you might just skip through this five track EP from a 3 man band who describe themselves as “making a mix of energetic upbeat tracks and smooth tunes with thumping basslines” and miss the few hidden gems being offered. Teasingly sexy vocals from Chloe-Jade Simmons open “Stealth”, with a beat that languishly builds up to give the opening track a deep pulsing sexiness. Starting off seemingly quite disjointed, Chloe-Jades’ vocal slowly tease it all into a dark, moody and harmonious order. Shauna Naylors voice adds another layer to a track that wouldn’t go amiss on a Massive Attack album. The attention to detail is superb and this shows in the bands mastery at orchestrating and arranging the different sounds.

Picking up the beat the second track promises to be something special launching with an explosion of energy. However it seems to flow into a rather watered down drum and bass offering. Shauna Naylor’s vocals do not seem to lift this track significantly and compared to the first track add no real depth. It starts off with a lot of promise and the lyrics are nice but that’s as far as it goes. Origami is the art of turning something flat into something with depth and character. Limit Break  with the first track managed to start off with something that had the promise of depth and character but this second track has ended up as something quite flat and characterless. The track doesn’t seem to fit on the EP. The production and attention to detail on the other tracks is very impressive but this track seems untidy, almost unfinished.

Blue Seas has the guys team up with Chloe-Jade again and once again they manage to create a beautifully lavish, non pretentious post party chill out tune. The style is quite similar to the disjointed style of the first track and that’s not a bad thing. Chloe-Jade and Limit Break work well together and this second collaboration with its dark and moody lyrics will have you drifting off to sea. The lyrics seem somewhat introspective helping to create quite a somber mood. Once again the production is great and this really shows in the quality of the sound. This is once again apparent in the standout track from the EP “Bad Behavior” which sees Limit Break  using the rich soulful voice of Chloe-Jade Simmons to push the boundary a little further with much darker and moodier but catchier lyrics than any of the other tracks. It has a lovely balance between the different components of the track creating a dark and sexy sound that will have you hitting the replay button more than a few time.

A high energy dub-step piece with a great hook has Limit Break showing off their skills for the last track of the EP. “Exit 13” is a clever track showing great care and attention to all the small details which separate the masters from the mundane.

Limit Break are definitely heading in the right direction, the one which in the future could see them standing along the likes of Bonobo on the one side and Pendulum on the other. They’re a long way off yet and this is apparent with the second track but by no means write this band off. The other four tracks show these guys clearly have great ideas and its going to interesting to see what they do next.

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