L’Amour Des Rêves – Avec L’Amour Des Rêves

The current fad in the musical world seems to be an obsession with nostalgia. We (thankfully) seem to be coming out of an ‘80s revival and bands have cast their eyes back further. Sadly, most bands seem content trying to be pale imitations of the music they love; all style and no substance.

Step forward L’Amour Des Rêves who take their love of the ‘60s and put a fresh spin on it. Their début EP Avec L’Amour Des Rêves may be brief, but it’s certainly not short on quality. Listening to their songs elicits a strong sense of déjà vu, however they put a modern edge and perspective into every song, making them seem instantly familiar yet different.

L’Amour Des Rêves are Tom and Jess, two people on a voyage of discovery; trawling the past for inspiration.. They take a rather simple, yet complex approach, to their music. Jess plays the drums and sings whilst Tom adds guitar and backing. Their sound is minimalistic in nature, production is sparse and unobtrusive. The EP comprises many ‘60s styles but is characterised as a whole by its lo-fi DIY feel.

Opening with a live version of the space-pop thumping ‘Graftin’, Jess’ drumming pounds it’s way through all the upbeat tracks on the record. None of their songs trouble three minutes. Whilst some bands don’t know when to stop, L’Amour Des Rêves know exactly what they’re doing; producing small bubbles of near perfection. (‘I Couldn’t) Live Without You’ is truly delightful lullaby of love, invoking a classic girl group aesthetic, whilst ‘What You Gonna Do?’ is more full on Mersey Beat. Their songs alternate between the pounding drum beats and languid intoxication.

Avec L’Amour Des Rêves ends with the bonus track ‘I Stole the Night’, a beautiful lilting end to a highly impressive début release. They do what all good bands should: Leave you wanting more.

Avec L’Amour Des Rêves is released digitally and on limited edition handmade cassettes on 15th July.

Visit their Bandcamp page for a digital download http://lamourdesreves.bandcamp.com or Rough Trade for a cassette http://www2.roughtrade.com/albums/73889 . Hurry though as there’s only 100 copies (well 99 now if no one else has bought one)

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