Kill Van Kulls – Wooden Heart

There’s an awful lot of bands on the scene at the moment that I find longevity to be an impossible uphill struggle for. A big first single, a less impressive second and a steady slope of mediocrity to follow. It seems the press can tip a band to change the world one instant, and then deem them completely worthless the very next. All of this though, of course, is irrelevant for this band.

The Kill Van Kulls are true architects of pop music. They have spent years perfecting an unarguably eclectic repertoire of eloquent pop-tastic chanters. Pop with substance too. Gareth Bartlett, singer and songwriter, piggy-backs us through his tough autobiographical experiences, his views of our world and his fantastic imagination and all with an intense sense of melody and hook.

The title track, lead single and first offering from the EP is ‘Wooden Heart’.  Not even thirty seconds in and my eyes are closed. The sky is grey outside but I feel the sun pour onto my neck. This is the kind of chorus that summer was designed for. The kind that every major festival would surely fall head-over-heels for. I wish I had written it!

‘Somewhere in Time’ follows, a gospel-y piano based work, accomplished and deep. The track concludes in planetary proportion, the kind that we’ve all heard Coldplay pump into stadiums so well. I like it.

A plea for national help next? ‘Oceans’. A comment on the state of the world and how people treat each other? A beg for equality? Whatever Gareth has penned, the belief in his voice ensures that we all know that he means it. Another great track. ‘Rule the Night’ concludes the EP. Another slow-paced pop track that houses an unbelievably catchy hook.

This EP feels like the starter of a very hearty Kill Van Kulls meal, and they’ve certainly left me hungry for more.

RELEASE DATE 18/03/2013.

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