Kelvin Jones – Stop the Moment (Acoustic)

20 year old singer-songwriter Kelvin Jones made his splash in the music industry earlier this year supporting James Morrison in his UK tour, which after listening to Jones’ recently released EP ‘Stop the Moment’ (Acoustic), seems a perfect alliance.

It’s no surprise James Morrison fans took to Kelvin Jones performances well, seeing as there are few differences between the new EP and James Morrison’s previous work. This is in no way a criticism of Kelvin Jones, if it’s not broke don’t fix it as they say!

The likes of Ben Howard, Jason Mraz and Damien Rice spring to mind when listening to the EP, due to its fundamentally acoustic-pop nature, however it does incorporate a much more soulful sound with Kelvin’s raspy vocals and a mix of standard pop rhythm in some songs and rhythm and blues in others, something often demonstrated by James Morrison.

‘Stop the Moment’ (Acoustic) is a follow up EP from his ‘Stop the Moment’ album released last year, consisting of four of his favourite tracks from the album performed acoustically as the name would suggest.

The opening track ‘Call you Home’ was also released as a single, and is can only be described as an out and out pop song. It is a straight forward guitar and vocals song, which works a treat with Jones’ sweet sensual lead vocals and basic harmonies. It is pop music in its most simple and raw format and it is a joy to listen to.

This is then followed by ‘Closer’, which again is predominantly a pop song, however features blues and soul influences much more heavily. Similar to the other tracks on the EP, lyrically it is very straight forward, a love song about young romance, full of optimism and hope. However, in contrast to the other tracks ‘Closer’ has a much more complex rhythm, echoing that of rhythm and blues. It also brings in a wider range of percussion, giving it a lot more energy than the other tracks.

The final two songs, ‘As You Wake Up’ and ‘Rollercoaster’ are fairly anti-climactic following the first two stronger offerings – they are both very basic acoustic pop songs which considering the contrast between the first two songs makes for quite a disappointment, it would have been nice to see more experimentation within the EP.

Kelvin Jones sells himself as a singer-songwriter with a passion for good quality pop music and old school blues, which fundamentally is a combination he attains in his EP. There may be a slight lack of variation throughout the EP, however this is something that is hard to achieve on an entirely acoustic set so it is to his credit that he has to some extent managed this. Essentially, as an acoustic EP by a pop orientated singer-songwriter it does exactly as it says on the tin, and it does it well.

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