Karma Club – Smile, It’s Good For You

Imagine yourself overlooking the New York City skyline at sunset, cocktail in hand in a rooftop bar… that’s what this EP feels like.

The foursome’s debut EP is punching way beyond their hometown of Bath. Having created a mixture of sunshine; sophistication; and synths, Karma Club have set themselves in good stead to be Somerset’s biggest indie band.

The four track release, including singles “Coming Over” and “Timelines”, is predominantly Disco/Pop driven with Dance and Electro influences. Think Two Door Cinema Club meets New Order, or the 1975 meets M83. Even the name of the EP ‘Smile, it’s good for you’ suggests similarities to Two Door Cinema Club, emulating their track ‘Eat this up, it’s good for you’ from their first album ‘Tourist History’.

The opening track is the band’s first single release, “Timelines”. With plodding bass lines, big beat drums and jangle guitars it is a strong start to the EP, and is fairly representative of what follows. Lyrically, from what I can gather the song is your typical ‘boy meets girl’ song, with hook line “we chug chug chug till the morning comes” so possibly ‘boy meets girl… at a party’. Regardless, it’s more or less irrelevant as the real star of the show, or song, is when the bridge hits approximately 3 minutes in. The synth and percussion sound almost magical and take things to a whole other level building up to the songs climax perfectly.

The following three tracks “Coming Over”; “Sixties”; and “The Collective” don’t stray too much from the same format, jangle guitars, funky bass and a big climax. It might be a little repetitive, but the formula works so why change it. Karma Club won’t be winning any awards for advanced lyric writing any time soon, with all four of their tracks following the same pattern of “I said this”… “She does this” without forming any kind of coherent storyline. However, it really doesn’t matter as the songs are musically very good and could stand alone without the vocals, which for a predominantly pop group is high praise.

It’s a respectable EP made up of four consistently good tracks which has come at a time, luckily for Karma Club, where people are very accepting of synth-indie-pop music. As debut EP’s go, it’s a good one and I can only see the band evolving and growing into their sound as time goes on.

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