In The Spiders Web – The Death Notes

In the Spiders Web Cover | In The Spiders Web – The Death Notes‘In The Spiders Web’ is the new single from Nottingham based trip-rockers ‘The Death Notes’. This band find themselves placed neatly in a generation where similar bands have gained success and critical acclaim most notably LA based ‘Warpaint’ and British band ‘The Horrors’.

The track finds the listener actively placed in a psychedelic haze of emotion and torment – taking you on a dark musical journey down roads previously travelled by the likes of ‘Nick Cave’ and ‘The Pixies’. The band achieve their sound through a droning bass-line grabbing your attention more in it’s absence than in it’s presence. This single sustains an intensity throughout it’s 5 minute run time allowed by means of subtle changes in the rhythm along with lead singer Elaine’s ability to harmonise her vocals with the atmosphere the song is portraying rather than simply with the music itself.

Made available through there own ‘Sonic Distributor Records’ label the ‘In The Spiders Web’ can be downloaded from December 13th from all obvious sites including iTunes and Amazon.

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