I Like Trains: The Shallows

the shallows | I Like Trains: The ShallowsThe Shallows is the third long player from Leeds’ I like Trains, somewhat overlooked by many, they simply forge on and formulate quality spine tingling music. The nine track album, from start to finish, offers a sense of melancholy as it documents their love/hate relationship with technology.

From the first track, Beacons, there’s a wave of cleverly produced rawness rears its head throughout, which finds it almost too dark in places. Debut single, Mnemosyne, provides a slightly more up-tempo feel as it captivates and hypnotises. David Martin’s lyrical delivery conceives a deadpan approach as he wields his way through each track, through Reykjavik there’s a slight moment of hope in his vocals.

Throughout The Shallows, Martin’s vocals provide a soft sense of deep warning, with lyrics that weave amongst plethoras of 80’s inspired synth, guitar, bass and drums. It’s almost sci-fi in approach as each track has its lulls and finds your insecurities with its undertones.

Musically, The Shallows cannot be faulted; there are inspirations of post-rock vibes alongside early electronica. As an album it holds its own in a world where pure music can be derived by genre specific intellectuals.  In a sense, The Shallows provides an intense narrative to all that could be conceived as wrong in today’s society, although, maybe I Like Trains are a bit too clever for their own good, perhaps they are predicting the future with The Shallows akin to RoboCop versus ED-209.

The Shallows and debut single Mnemosyne are both released on May 7th.


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