Hey Sholay – ((O))

SHOLAY O COVER 300x300 | Hey Sholay – ((O))It’s impossible to discover the origins of Hey Sholay, as the five piece remain immersed in self-created myth. The emphasis is on what they put out, not on who they are. This musical gem appears to have landed in the laps of the unsuspecting public, making them look up and ask, ‘Where the hell did that come from?’ Don’t try to understand, just listen…

((O)) can be summed up as a balance of light, quirky, heart-felt vocals, against the weight of intense flurries of guitar, with sprinkles of piano and pinches of psychedelic electro sounds. This can be heard in tracks such as, ‘The Bears, The Clocks, The Bees’ which for me, highlights Sholay’s style best. The melody and lyrics (‘Oh love, I can change but I don’t know how to change the clocks’) display sweet sincerity, before building into a breathlessly frantic, musical storm. Forthcoming single, ‘Burning’ is equally emotive, carried on the wings of a fast ticking clock with a pumping pulse and then swooping into a flowing, psychedelic piano.

Although tracks such as, ‘Dreamboat’ are optimistic and full of pop potential, they are unlikely to appeal to the grittier, rock lover in you. Rather, they are perfect for the indie lover with a sweet tooth. And whilst ‘i) Shut The Devil Out The Backdoor’ counts itself amongst the happy and bouncy of the tracks, second half, ‘ii) A Day In The Country, Berlin’ is a beautiful moment of raindrops and peaceful, classical piano. And just when you think you have Hey Sholay all figured out, they drop in something far more curious at the end. Ironically, ‘Golden Is The Colour Of The Sun (Run Rabbit)’, is the most dark and atmospheric track on the album. The verdict? All I know is, I can’t remember the last time I was motivated to go out and buy a CD.

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