Hawk Eyes: Everything Is Fine

A decade on from their formation, Leeds based rockers Hawk Eyes treat us to their third album Everything Is Fine. Their debut album, Modern Bodies, arrived in 2010 and since then the band has been profilic with the release of a second album and a couple of EP’s. It was their most recent EP, That’s What This Is in 2013, which first alerted me to the quality of Hawk Eyes. That’s What This Is was four uplifting, well structured, and rousing tracks but most of all they were incredibly catchy and have been going round in my head ever since. I was eagerly anticipating Everything Is Fine, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

From the moment opening number “The Trap” kicks in there is a sense of euphoria induced by the powerful guitar progressions and the expanding vocals. Each track fills you with nostalgia as they would all have comfortably slotted in on the MTV2 playlist during the channels hayday, “Permission” and “More Than A Million” in particular.

The many sub-genres that Hawk Eyes span are often populated by bands throwing out unintelligent noise, the polar opposite of what Hawk Eyes offer. It is undoubtedly noisy, but there is a real intelligence and thought displayed throughout. The guitar riffs aren’t just hammered out, they build towards their frantic heights, and the same applies to the intricate drums. The instrumentation contains proper melodies and the skill and theory of talented musicians is audibly present.

Most impressive of all is the wide range of emotions portrayed within the vocals. The majority of it conveys a level of angst and passionate aggression, but there are sensitive moments and even sections with a feeling of joy. Huge catchy sing-a-long choruses or riffs with real clout and energy, whichever way you are inclined this album caters to you.


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