Hadouken! – Every Weekend

Hadouken!, who have been acclaimed within the British music scene for their diligent work at the forefront of UK Bass and immersive live performances, return with the release of their third album ‘Every Weekend’ on their own imprint Surface Noise Recordings.

‘Every Weekend’ is a musical statement, featuring production contributions from a plethora of names across Bass music – including Noisia, Loadstar, Aeph, Blokhead and Drumsound & Bassline Smith –  Hadouken!’s intention was to reflect the sound and experience of weekends in the UK. The single ‘Levitate’, released on March 11th and produced by Loadstar, is overtly commercial and unfortunately lacks bite and provides little originality to the genre. Looking past the promotional material, there are key tracks that stand out; opener ‘The Vortex’ hits hard with gritty rap rhymes and ‘Parasite’ with beautifully timed bass drops, powerful vocals and well crafted lyrics, are both a highly exciting and magnificent blend of influences that will blow minds. However, the inconsistent nature of ‘Every Weekend’ means that a couple of above-average tracks are unable to carry the whole record and some, inevitably, end up letting the project down. Examples of where the album fails to perform are ‘Stop Time’ and ‘Bliss Out’, both of which represent more filler than killer and leaving only disappointment.

Overall, ‘Every Weekend’ fails to deliver on its statement and unfortunately builds no more excitement on the second and third listen, as it did on the first. Hadouken! have produced an album that is cosmetically Bass, but below the surface there is no real substance or edge, which has made the genre what it is today. Only time will tell if Hadouken! have done enough or if they have fallen short.


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