Go Native – Beaten by Butterflies

If you ever wanted to experience ambition in its purest incarnation, then take a good long look at Go Native. This Mancunian four-piece have gone through a long 6-year evolution process to form the current line up; work within a plethora of local bands and music projects allowed each member to hone their skills and through the will of the gods, they eventually found each other. The debut EP ‘Beaten by Butterflies’ is the fruit of this dedication; was it worth the wait?

From the robotic pulse at the beginning of ‘Napoleon’, it is clear that Go Native have focused very much on the electronic for this first outing, but with gentle caresses of indie guitar to produce a beautiful collaboration of sound. The sweet juxtaposition of the sheer electro masterpiece that is ‘Dunes’ and the raw indie vocals and pounding instrumentals within ‘Stockholm’, enable us to experience the layers and depth that Go Native have created in such a short piece of work. It is clear that the production value, construction and flow to this EP have been meticulously arranged to present song-based music with melody pumping at its heart.

There is not much negative comment that can be said for such a nicely put together EP, other than that a couple more tracks would have been the icing on the cake – but that may be sheer greed to hear more from this band. Frontman Nick Toone was once quoted saying “This is the last line-up I will be part of” – based on the sheer brilliance emanating from them so far, let’s hope he sticks to his word.


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