Glimmermen- “I’m Dead” Transduction Records

The title track actually made me laugh out loud the first time I heard it. This might indeed say quite a good deal about me, but anyway, “I’m Dead” the album is funny throughout, with Glimmermen handling their doomy, death-obsessed material with jaunty aplomb.

Although the style varies, there’s a general punk/ska feel marked by driving bass and sparse, precise drumming; the tracks drop in from some odd angles, laced with poetic vocals that become spoken word on “Angels & Devils” and sound spoken even when sung. Very Nick Cave, I thought.  Formed from remnants of Boxes, Jackbeast and Holy Ghost Fathers, Glimmermen  have produced an intimate, conversational follow-up to their debut EP “Satellite People” that should have you head-nodding, foot-tapping and smiling. Unless you’re dead, of course. “I’m Dead” released in the UK on 21st April.