Fossil Collective – Tell Where I Lie

Leeds based multi-instrumentalists David Fendrick and Jonny Hooker, both formerly Vib Gyor, are back again with their latest incarnation Fossil Collective. Fossil Collective is a step into different territory for the duo and one that looks set to be much more commercially successful, especially with Dirty Hit Records backing them (the same label which recently brought The 1975 to everyone’s attention).

The album opens with the single, and former iTunes Single Of The Week, “Let It Go” instantly introducing the listener to the haunting vocal harmonies that they produce so expertly. The vocals are intoxicating and, combined with the soft and moving instrumentation, gently nudge your mind in the direction of images of relaxing, in a boat on a placid lake, in some area of outstanding natural beauty. The second track “Under My Arrest” really showcases the quality of their falsetto vocal harmonies.

The highlights of this album have to be “Wolves” and “Brother”. “Wolves” is one of their catchier, more upbeat, numbers which drifts along with effortlessly mesmeric and soulful bliss. The feeling within the vocals is audible during “Brother”, it’s a wistful vocal display which seems to be perpetually on the edge of cracking with raw emotion.

The whole album has ethereal qualities and a very summery feel to it, one which I am sure will deservedly get lots of attention as we approach festival season. At times it feels like the band were capable of pushing their creativity further and creating more complex works of beauty but they have chosen to hold back in order to gain some of the commercial success we have seen outfits like Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver and Mumford & Sons revel in.

Tell Where I Lie is available now from iTunes or through Dirty Hit Records.

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