Flashguns – Come and See The Lights

flashguns | Flashguns – Come and See The LightsWith romantic verses and uplifting choruses, ‘Come and See The Lights’ by ‘Flashguns’ promises to be a dance floor hit for this London based three piece. Having just finished their German tour the band release this single just ahead of their UK tour starting early December.

Fast paced and pulsating ‘Come and See The Lights’ has everything you need to comprise an Indie anthem. Catchy thrashing guitars to separate verse’s from chorus and the steady hum of bass working with the vocals which skim just above the surface of the pool of sound created by a band who have refined their sound to perfection. The song takes on many phases including a slow and almost aquatic breakdown before entering into the final crescendo of a chorus. Also worth a listen is B-side ‘Speed and Leisure’ which, whilst not quite as complete as the title track features some interesting drumming rhythms.

Whilst many similarities can be drawn to ‘Bombay Bicycle Club’ – perhaps too many – there is a definite european art-rock sound to this band as well. ‘Come and See The Lights’ is available to download via iTunes.

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