Feelix – Feelix

feelixfc | Feelix – FeelixThere are three ways to describe this album: softly composed, beautifully produced and simply connectable. Through 11 songs, the Sheffield duo takes us through the motions of feeling the joys and heartache of being in and out of love.

Despite being a two-piece, they have the support of a drummer, backing vocalists, a pianist and another guitarist. Nevertheless, when you listen closely it’s easy to tell that the flawless vocalist and lead guitarist are the centre of attention.

Perhaps this is just a personal thought, but this album sounds like it would be perfect for a long car journey. The first track ‘Change’ sparks this motion straight at the beginning with a liberating climax of instruments followed by three minutes of powerful rhythms and belting vocals.

The majority of Feelix’s album showcases a country, blues edge: imagine a combination of the Rascall Flatts and John Mayer with a female voice and you’re on the right lines. ‘While you’re near’ showcases this interestingly well. Although the country edge dominates the track, there are light references to blues with the bottleneck, improvisatory guitar techniques.

The upbeat single ‘Baby Steps’ will easily get inside your head. The simple repetitive ‘baby steps’ hook combined with the funky guitar hooks will loop around your ears for quite some time.

‘Goodbye Baby’ leads you down a slightly more soulful path. The vocal harmonies are particularly effective in this track, highlighting the lyrical content on top of a funky backdrop. This track is a refreshing, subtle little stray from their usual country style.

Delicate composition through layering instruments, manipulating poly-rhythms and adapting alternative melodies has allowed each song to be carefully crafted to relive an emotion. One can only hope that there will be more where this came from.