Eureka Machines – Remain In Hope

Leeds quartet Eureka Machines are the musical epitome of the term DIY. Having self-financed and released two previous albums – ‘Do Or Die’ in 2008 and ‘Champion The Underdog’ in 2011, they return with there third ‘Remain In Hope’. This time taking the ‘if you want something done right’ attitude to the next level; with the use of a PledgeMusic campaign, bringing there music ‘direct-to-fan’ by having their fan base place  pre-order ‘Pledges’ and allowing Eureka Machines to produce their ideal album.

‘Good Guys Finish Last’ rolls this album into a gentle start with its opening, The Beach Boys-esque vocals, until the drums hit and the Eureka Machines really let this record take off. The pure pop pleasure pumping in the heart of this album is consistent throughout; from the comic masterpiece ‘Pop Star’, with its reflections of the fame-hungry and the desperate – beautifully and poignantly described in the line “I want to be a pop star so my face is in the news”; the grubby yet cleanly constructed and fast paced ‘Living in Squalor’; and the superbly romantic, and similarly unromantic ‘Wish You Were Her.’ The blend of punk instrumentals compliments the pop vocals perfectly and alongside the sharp lyrical content, allows a sense of vision and an enjoyment factor that is all but gone in factory built pop creations. There is an energy and verve that escalates the stunning melodies and a swagger that promotes a tremendous pop-punk sensibility.

If there was ever the train of thought that self funding an album was an overtly ambitious endeavour, should be required to study the Eureka Machines and PledgeMusic method, for proposing a new way of ‘direct-to-fan’ connection. ‘Remain In Hope’ provides clear evidence that Eureka Machines are definitely not resting on their laurels – a third album that displays this kind of determination and quality is a statement of intent that they are here for good.

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