Esper Scout – Kids and Pets

esper | Esper Scout – Kids and PetsRock quartet Esper Scout, are a band that perfectly illustrate how, by getting the basics right, any band can make their music fun to listen to. Made up of four girls from Leeds, the band mix simple structures, easy to play hard hitting guitar riffs and a thoughtful vocal measure to produce a head pumping, yet easily danceable sound. Their debut EP ‘Kids and Pets’ is a varied repertoire, ranging from Punk to Rock n’ Roll.

Early comparisons can be drawn to Paramore, an easy assumption considering the all female line-up, but one that is highlighted in the slow and droning ‘Wallet of Brass Coins’, a punk ballad that never really sets off were it not for the heavy input of reverberated guitar following a choked and anticipatory bridge, alongside contemplating emotional vocals.

Elsewhere, we can hear influences from the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, in particular ‘Minert Revs’, which starts with a bass line powered by heavy fuzz to create the impression of an army charging into battle. When the song gets going however, we hear the true make-up of lead singer Sarah Statham’s vocals; a punksy Yorkshire Debbie Harry, declaring and sharing her thoughts in a similar way to the Blondie vocalist.

A special mention should also go to the lead guitar in final track ‘Ralph F’, a gutsy driven lead part followed by the unleashing of a heavy solo covering the full length of the fretboard, the highlight of this bands debut EP.

The only flaws in their first attempt, to be released both electronically and in CD format in early April, is the poor production value. Whilst it reveals a raw and unassuming side to the band, you can’t help but feel they would benefit massively from a high quality recording.

The band have a number of gigs lined up over the coming months to converge with the release of their EP in and around their hometown of Leeds.

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