Ellen and The Escapades: All The Crooked Scenes

eate | Ellen and The Escapades: All The Crooked ScenesHaving found themselves in the middle of a whole host of media attention over the last few years, Leeds quintet Ellen and The Escapades bring us their first album, All Them Crooked Scenes.

Captivating from the start with the welcoming first bars of Run, we’re lead into the longing arms and the wonderful delight of Ellen’s alluring wispy vocals. As the album unfolds, we’re lead along a winding path of heartbreak, romance and desire.  Without You takes things up a step, we’re dancing and reminiscing about past loves and we’re smiling because it just feels good. Title track, All The Crooked Scenes hits deep both lyrically and with a telling folk style country sounding beat. Stone Bird almost choral with Ellen’s vocals produces an almost trance like sentiment. As we close with Cast there’s a wave of uplift throughout the track, there’s highs and lows that form in waves that capture the sense of the album as a whole. It’s something quite wonderful.

While recognising the reality of being tagged as ‘alt-folk’ Ellen and The Escapades have shown a spectrum of influences with a bounding presence of their own. There’s no mass production it’s an album that recognises simplicity of stunning musical arrangements.

In summary, All The Crooked Scenes provides twelve folk fuelled tracks filled with bittersweet lullabies, which whilst pull at your heart covering you from head to toe in warmth and loveliness.

All The Crooked Scenes is released on 16th April.


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