Elephant – Pixels

elephant1 | Elephant   PixelsJust over a year ago, I reviewed Elephant’s second EP, Spinning Head, and I’m instantly impressed by how much their music has developed and matured since then. Their new five song EP, Pixels, feels like a record from a band who are much more confident and self-assured. ‘Gossip’ opens up proceedings, a languidly lilting lament, before melting into the beautiful ‘Neither Here Nor There’; a luscious and heartfelt refrain.

The last time I saw them live they were supporting Stealing Sheep and they had all the hallmarks of a band who are ready to spread their wings. If Pixels is anything to go by then they look set to have a profitable 2013. ‘Moddey Dhoo’ is a more mellow and laid back somber affair; definitely one to listen to late at night. “Run Me” feels like the band are being more playful, slightly reminiscent of a downbeat version of Portland outfit Hockey. The sumptuous vocals burr runs through every track, and along with the excellent musical arrangements, is why Elephant stand-out amongst their compatriots.

The highlight of the EP for me, and its final track, is the superb ‘Pixels’. They are clearly flexing their musical muscles and the boundaries of their sound. It’s a fitting to end to what is a top quality record.

You can download their EP for just £2 from their Bandcamp page


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