Ed Stones and the BD3 – Road Closed

Ed Stones & the BD3 have created an album of modern blues and rock, their music is full of common complaints and tales of life today.  The former solo artist Ed Stones joined the BD3 to create their own brand of alternative country rock.  Some of the tracks may be moonshine soaked and coated in country, but the message is punk.  The band have compiled an album with elements taken from the past made up of sex, drugs and Yorkshire. 

The opening track ‘Unleash The Fury’ is about a man trapped in a menial job and his breaking point.  Aside from the imagery of Tom Green, guitar in hand, urging Mitch the snake to “unleash the fury” and eat the mouse in the film Road Trip, it is a great way to start the album.

‘Smoking & Hoping’ is about man, woman and baby story turning sour. The song, complete with a harmonica introduction, sticks to the brain and leaves you singing ‘reee-alll ste-eel’ for weeks after listening to it.

Although the band demonstrate a range of original music style, some tracks such as; ‘Polish Your Boots’ sound similar to the Clash and other tracks could be confused with the Twang.  Each song is another little chapter in their tale and mentioning places like Shipley Glen help you further relate to their trials and tribulations.

Painting a picture of more realistic female, male sell-by-date monogamy, babies and nostalgia, the album is a country rock social commentary, where they even leave room for their own protest  in ‘Leave them phones alone’.  A song that makes you embarassed to pull out your phone for the twelth time in four minutes and check your messages ‘Playing on your phone doesn’t make you more social that is the most ridiculous notion’.

When listening to Ed Stones & the BD3  their Bradford based gritty tales set to rockibilly music you could confuse their routes as North America not the North of England.   The album is so energetic and colourful that it makes you excited to see what the band can do live.





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