Dolphins: From Pickerel To Flipper

dolphins | Dolphins: From Pickerel To FlipperWith this debut album, Dolphins paint a picture of life as it deteriorates in the former industrial city from which they hail. Their ten track album takes us on a journey through recession hit Bradford, documenting the feelings of angst, indifference and despair prevalent within its youth.

The opening track ‘Kingdom Come’ accustoms us to Dolphins’ unique brand of American style heavy guitars and drums mixed with very British lyrics and delivery. The vocal style across the album is engaging, compelling you to shout along and nod your head to the prominent snare. Musically Dolphins remind me of Queens Of The Stone Age, but with a higher tempo and more energy.

Just when you have settled into ‘Kingdom Come’ they take it up a notch with the raw angst ridden ‘Indifference’.

The album continues in a similar vein with two quality tracks “Hard Times, Hard Lines’ and ‘Parasite’, before they showcase more of their creative flair with ‘Dolphins’. This intelligent, multi-layered instrumental track is one of two on the album, the other being ‘Still Falls The Rain (Bradford)’. These tracks show Dolphins are not all about power and are capable of adding moments of beauty.

This is a noisy but also multi-dimensional album, with a cleverness lacking from most acts in this genre.  I highly recommend ‘Still falls The Rain (Bradford)’ for is creativity and ‘Home’ for its catchy vocal and uplifting guitars.

The album was recorded by James Kenosha who is also responsible for producing albums from the likes of Pulled Apart By Horses and Dinosaur Pile-Up. Kenosha’s involvement is yet another endorsement of the potential of this band.

‘From Pickerel To Flipper’ is released on the 1st of June on C.D. and limited edition 12” Vinyl. It is also available now as a download from their Bandcamp site and is well worth the £5 price tag.


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