Destroy all your earthly possessions

Jim Ghedi is a musician who is well known around the Sheffield DIY scene. He’s worked in collaboration with a myriad of musicians and artists over the last few years. His debut album, Satori, featured several of Sheffield’s finest including members of Blood Sport, Screaming Maldini, The Purgatory Players and Oxo Foxo.  Ghedi himself has featured in several bands and has also recorded two EP s in partnership with double bassist Neal Heppleston. 

Ghedi’s previous work was epitomised by his interest in different musical cultures from around the world. His style has developed through his exploration of African and Eastern music, classical symphonies, avant-garde folk and jazz. Whilst Satori felt expansive and extroverted, his new album , Destroy All Your Earthly Possessions, is more minimalist and self-exploratory. It’s a fine present to leave us with as he sojourns to Belgium.

On Destroy All Your Earthly Possessions, Ghedi has moved his experimentation into the sphere of electronic music. Still using acoustic instruments (guitar and saxophone) but experimenting with electronic music and modulations, he lays down melodies and riffs and then stretches and pokes at the boundaries of that sound. There are still the same recognisable influences on certain tracks, but the music has been manipulated into something else.

The results are somewhere between a more organic version of the minimalism of the likes of John Zorn and sparse free jazz. Jim Ghedi has taken the sum parts of all his work to date and performed an autopsy. He’s twisted, dissected and stretched his muic into new and fascinating areas. Destroy All Your Earthy Possessions is a beautiful work which will enchant and stimulate, which works as a collection of individual songs but also as a collective whole.

Destroy All Your Earthly Possessions in released by Audacious Art Experiment on October 20th.

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