Dead Sons – The Hollers And The Hymns

Known for their fast paced, energetic and loud performances there’s always an air of excitement when Dead Sons play live. February sees the release of their debut album, The Hollers and the Hymns, with 14 tracks ploughed into just under 40 minutes it’s a performance for your ears.

Its ready set and we’re off on the Ghost Train, with its fast paced beats we’re racing on a bouncy yet slightly distorted riff fuelled journey quickly followed by the psychedelically tasty Shotgun Woman it’s easy to be drawn into the darkness of the lyrics as we’re encouraged to ‘do it the sun don’t shine’, at 2.39 minutes it’s like a punch to the face – fast, furious and snappy. There’s no stopping in the force of the album as it continues, Bangonfullturn provides a powerful energy that continues with highs and lows both in vocals and music. Heavy based and we’re turned up to full throttle. As A Love As Good As Ours starts it seems that there’s a bit of a lull in proceedings, but there’s still a heart pounding bass. While Hangman cranks both riffs and beats up, Temptation Pool takes a step back and floods gently with harmonies and subtle brushes on the. Room 54 revs things back up with racing drums and a jilted presence, within Junk Room there’s a psychedelic lunge into the thunderous rapture that is Quest For The Fire. Stuck In The Maze keeps up momentum, with screeching guitars and taunting vocals, as for The Last Man Standing At The Nine Till Noon Inn we’re back on with the swag and an infinite catchiness within the vocals and the percussion Black Hole Machines completes the set. Title track The Hollers And The Hymns provides a delight, introducing intricate waves of simplicity that weave in-between tender keys and throbbing bass and whilst Hold On plays out the album we’re left with a accustomed strut that stays with us as the track plays over and over.

There’s something rather special about The Hollers And The Hymns as throughout the album lyrics fall like poetry and musically there’s lighter moments fashioned with something rather dark. Dead Sons have brought something rather special to the table here, fast and furious it bears resemblance to a mystery tour through the back and beyond… all aboard? Hell yeah!

The Holler And The Hymns is released on 18th February

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