Cyb3rnator – Wreckhead

What do you get if you cross 90s inspired indie euro pop with solid house beats and a gameboy? And I’m talking old school gameboy here non of this Nintendo DS shit!? Well the answer is Cyb3rnator! And man is it a lot of fun!

Let’s get things clear straight off this album is fantastic! It sits nicely on the stereo with the volume and the bass turned way up! When you are armed with a female vocalist that is as strong as Katherine Sunlay is then there is always a chance of something special and this album just proves that. Her voice is very much in the same vein as Lady Gaga, however the band are anything but conventional paint by numbers pop pap! In the Track Haunted house (a personal favourite) the hypnotic vocals in the anthemic chorus just entice you to actually want to go put your arms around her! The seduction doesn’t stop there with Dirty Nauseous Filthy Cautious, this is just brilliant flirty euro pop goodness. What is so impressive with these guys is the attention to detail on every single track of the album, the beats and melodies just constantly driving at times touching on dub step and when they let up from time to time the subtle atmospheric layers that build alongside the vocal work just pull you in. Now I mentioned gameboy earlier, this bands calling card, their signature if you like is that every single track is layered with nostalgic sounds of the 90’s gameboy! Now I have shown this album around to a few friends and the only criticism at all of this band is that some felt the gameboy sound was used just too much. Personally I feel moving away from this would just remove the essence of what these guys are about, I actually think it’s very fresh but being someone born in 1983 maybe I’m a bit biased! Every song is like a step back to a better time when you were young, whilst the beats keep everything fresh and the melodies pull you in. This in my opinion adds to the sense of originality that this band posses. However you feel on this aspect of Cyb3rnator one thing is for certain you will have an opinion and that is always a very powerful thing for a band to do.

So in a nutshell if you want an easy listening electro pop album full of fun and nostalgic sounds, melody, beautifully crafted dance beats, that is original, but would be commercial enough to give anything in the charts a run for its money then this is definitely worth a listen.

I have been fortunate to see these guys live and there are rumours that these guys have acquired a guitarist and real drummer which will be very interesting to see. I look forward to what these guys do next!


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