Curry Quiche – One Seed, No Leeches

4568926229 319x325 | Curry Quiche – One Seed, No LeechesWith a band name like ‘Curry Quiche’, you can only expect one thing from their album: fun. This expectation is definitely met.

The Rotherham-based quintet explains their debut album to be based on the theme of escaping from technology – contradicting themselves entirely by using technology as an outstanding feature. The album even kicks off with synth distortion and the illusion that the audience is entering into a David Bowie album.

It’s pretty hard to zone out when listening to ‘One Seed, No Leeches’. When your mind does start to wander elsewhere, you’re quickly dragged back in by something quirky that Curry Quiche have added in. There’s a lyric that sounds a lot like ‘a washing machine’s worth’ in ‘Reggae Man Sez’, I found myself rewinding the track back again and again just to be sure I heard it right.

There are also a few occasions when the dial tone of an old telephone has been added into the mix. Why not? They’ve written a song called ‘Phonaphobia’ anyway.

Curry Quiche are particularly melody-heavy, ensuring that at least one instrument is following the vocals throughout the album. ‘Retail Song’ is a particular example of that.

Many of their hooks are very memorable and easy to pick up, namely ‘The end will be televised’ – which I cannot write without singing it in my head (or out-loud).

Their single, ‘Dry Handkerchief’, is a strong song. Playing with tempos and experimenting with harmonies in the bass and guitar, whilst anthemic pop vocals soar over the top. This is a technique that Curry Quiche should have used more on the album.

All in all, this debut showcases Curry Quiche as a band to see live when you either need cheering up or are just after a good time.

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