City Reign – Out In The Cold

Out in the cold | City Reign – Out In The ColdCity Reign are a band touted for big things in 2011 from the likes of Steve Lamacq and are gaining air play on a range of platforms. I played this single once through and immediately forgot what it sounded like, which is not always a bad thing but certainly not one of the ingredients of a great song. trans | City Reign – Out In The Cold That said however, on second and third listen you start to see the direction this band are going for.

A catchy chorus, a more than competent singer and some intricacies in the production just about save this song, however – even at 2.47 long it still manages to lose the listener in a melee of high pitched lead guitar and limited drumming variety. Don’t get me wrong this is a tight band who more than deserve a listen and they sure have their fans, however from what I can gather they are slightly artistically challenged. Out in the cold is available to download from 31st January and is released through their own ‘Car Boot Records’ label.

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