Chloe-Jade Simmons – I’ll Let You Know

Sheffield based Singer-Songwriter Chloe-Jade Simmons has been spreading her Acoustic/Folk/Pop stylings around the local music scene for a good while now. Her EP ‘I’ll Let You Know’ was originally released back in 2011 and has been relaunched on Spotify and Soundcloud this year, to critical acclaim.

From the outset, this six track EP and its selection of scintillating self-penned songs encompassing love and loss, seep into the heart and pull every string. Simmons’ beautiful voice and gently strummed guitar are effective in creating a harmonious balance between strong powerful lyrics and understated presentation. From opening track ‘Wanting to be Found’ with its folk fable-esque story telling, ‘I’ll Let You Know’ extending an intense and varied vocal range and the indecisive ‘Conflicted’ and possibly one of the greatest lyrical representations of modern day love; “I want you today, but I won’t want you tomorrow”. The vocal talent throughout this EP is a sheer revelation, even when Simmons treads the tricky ground of the cover song in Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’, it is made completely her own and indistinguishable from the original.

Chloe-Jade Simmons has released an EP that does two things; 1. Examples her beautiful and varied voice and 2. Shows her ability to pen an engaging story and transform it into a catchy and ear-pleasing melody. She is a great representation of the talent Sheffield has to offer and is a local gem with skills far surpassing her years. Here’s hoping she lets us know of an album soon, because if all her future work is of this standard, there are bound to be exciting things to come.

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