Che Ga Zebra – What Girls Want

Che Ga Zebra’s debut EP has been a long time coming. What Girls Want is the duo’s first recorded output since their self-released demos back in 2011. Now signed to The Audacious Art Experiment, Loic and Ben have presumably been distracted by their work with Wooderson.

What Girls Want opens with ‘Beach Bum’ – a shambolically melodic portion of lo-fi slacker rock spliced with ‘60s surf pop – Imagine the West Coast meets Mablethorpe. The opening is reminiscent of “Jet Set” era Sonic Youth and it’s by far and away their most accessible song; deserving to be heard by a wider audience.

‘In the Pipeworks’ is the first of two instrumental numbers which sees them experiment more with rhythm, timing and tempo. It’s testament to their musical ability just how tight they are as a unit, as anyone who’s seen them live will attest.  It’s feels like pure improvisation; executed with aplomb.

‘Hollywood Owl’ gradually builds up to zeniths of noise before settling back into a steady rhythm; a quiet steamroller of a track which is oddly hypnotic and strangely addictive. The EP ends with the title track and another instrumental which sees them “rock out” in what feels like a happy jamming session. It’s pure fun, and a great way to end an impressive debut release by two very talented musicians.

What Girls Want is out now and available from

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