Catfish and The Bottlemen – Collide

0 | Catfish and The Bottlemen – CollideCuriously titled Catfish and The Bottlemen are a rare North Wales export to the anthem touting Indie-Rock ranks. Heralding from Llandudno, and still unsigned, the band are keen to spread the ‘Catfish’ word by playing a number of dates over the length and breadth of the British Isles in the coming months. The routine 4-piece line-up draw their form from pulsating drum beats, which emphasise the catchy choral vocals.

Chief single ‘Collide’ kicks into action through a simple, yet attention grabbing guitar riff assisted by effects driven lead. It’s when the song thins out and strips back where the real splendor of the track is revealed though, ever changing and ever adapting drum rhythms that display an understated complexity, helping engage the listener in the down-parts of the song. A lot also has to be said about lead singer Ryan McCann’s vocals, which separate this band from the rest of the pack in his immediate impact from the first line – the best comparison would be Luke Pritchard of Kooks, meets an upbeat Richard Ashcroft.

Catching them is a must on their March and April tour of pubs, bars and local festivals. A number of songs are available to listen to on their Facebook page. A free download of typical indie hit ‘Bodies’ is also available on their Bandcamp page at

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