Captives on the Carousel – The Garden E.P

captives | Captives on the Carousel – The Garden E.PSheffield duo Captives on the Carousel consist of Ben Eckersley and Sarah Morrey, both of whom are responsible for creating their most recent earnest endeavour, The Garden E.P, in which the doublet exhibit their attempt at purveying enamouring folk music.

The Garden is a somewhat dark E.P, encapsulating a general tone that is moody and morose but still rather magical with the accompaniment of mysterious lyrics that meander over an encompassing array of instruments. The opening track ‘Prison Cell’ exudes heartfelt sincerity as Ben finger picks his way through a melody that makes way for Sarah’s vocals. The melancholic inclusion of the cello fuses together all these elements to create a tone, pace and assurance for the remainder of the album. The innocence of Sarah’s vocals is a fitting attribute for ‘In Strange Earth’ in which the lyrics become more child-like and less mature. This is contrasted by the use of haunting instrumentation that adds a ghostly element to the Nursery Rhyme characteristics of the track.

Despite how dulcet and impressible the vocals may be, they are perhaps an aspect that prevents Captives on the Carousel from standing out amongst the abundance of similar contemporary folk and acoustic bands that have been gracing us with their presence as of late. The evidently endearing and sweet qualities of Sarah’s tone often delve into an overly-pleasant territory of being a little too pure and wholesome. Therefore, despite The Garden’s dark undertones, the E.P lacks a distinctive edge. Don’t let this prevent you from acquainting yourself with this band, though, because Captives on the Carousel have irrefutable potential that would be illogical to dismiss.



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