Bromheads – Kerosene

I’ve always found that duos tend to make the job difficult for themselves. Tim Hampton and Dan Potter complete Sheffield’s BROMHEADS,

The White Stripes, Drenge and The Black Keys to name a few. All create big sounds from very few sources, you can see where Bromheads get their energy from. Possible pub-rock has been transformed in a pot of charisma and chaos to create one of the most simple but effective recipes for music yet.

Their latest EP, Kerosene will be released later on in July. As the name suggests, there are toxic sounds depicted throughout. Title track Kerosene delivers the grittiness of The Subways sound – there is also a clear influence of Elvis’s addictive 50’s persona throughout. I can’t help but think of Green Day when I listen to any of their material, obviously with limited options to work with, the idea is to make a little thing go a long way and personally, I think they succeed.

They may not be as crazy as Jack White, but they are as reliable as an old Ford Cortina. Classic, memorable sounds span throughout all of their releases.

If I were you, I’d download their new track Kerosene for free from their website and catch them at Tramlines Festival later this month, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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