Bromheads – CHORO

Bromheads have been missing in action for a while now, so when you hear that there’s a brand new offering from them you know it’s going to be rather special: the special being, eleven tracks that will get your pulse racing and leave you screaming for more. Fizzing like popping candy CHORO sees eleven bouncing tracks to fill your boots with.

Opening with Gonna Let You Melt is a bit like walking into a room where the drinks are flowing, people are dancing and the band are playing – you can’t help but get involved, its inviting. As the tempo races from track to track it’s clear that Bromheads have the ability to capture the rawness of playing live, there’s no mass production there’s just two fellas, a guitar and a drum kit bashing it out. There’s hipster mocking in a football style chant in T-Shirt ‘it’s on your t-shirt, you little hipster’ and riff bending tales of nonchalance in Light Side. As Jonny Was punches the listener in the face with its twists and turns the final track The Money provides a lo-fi essence that fills the whole body with adrenaline in a spiky bounce filled ball pool.

From start to finish, there’s something rather exciting about CHORO and when it’s over it’s a long while before you can catch your breath. There’s a sense of nostalgia, with its hints of punk driven alongside that early noughties garage rock sound and with added indie pop reverbs it produces unrefined yet refined sound that is able to engage even the shortest of attention spans.

CHORO is available to stream now on and is released on 15th April 2015.

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