Brawlers- “Worthless” Alcopop! Records

A Leeds four-piece, whose members are variously in Castrovalva, Dinosaur Pile-Up and Leftover Crack (and therefore have a fair few years experience between them), Brawlers “wanted to do something fresh & not sound like anyone”. Have they succeeded? Well, they quite clearly sound like Blink-182, with the same tight, fast guitar and vaguely similar “American” vocals- but I found myself thinking of the Pixies at various points- particularly on the second track, Instagram Famous- as well as finding the drumming quite Undertones-ey. That said, everyone sounds like someone- and there are worse bands to sound like, right, kids? So apart from that, Brawlers do surprise in belying their name and pulling off a high tempo fun fest- and I for one have never felt quite so optimistic about being the eponymous piece of shit of the last track, having zipped through at the same fair old rate of knots of the rest of this very trim EP. Prog it certainly ain’t- but if you’re after upbeat, taut and with an interesting take on the reverse psychology pick-up (unless I’ve misunderstood something here…), you could do a damn sight worse than give this a shout.

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