Blue Lip Feel: Glitterbox EP

bluelipfeel | Blue Lip Feel: Glitterbox EPI was excited to review Blue Lip Feel’s new EP Glitterbox due to the buzz they have gathered around the Sheffield scene. I found this EP to be impressive.

It is a beautifully balanced mixture of all the instruments. The guitar slaps you in the face but doesn’t stay buzzing around like a fly either. The drums are noticeable but not overbearing and the bass has a hum that you can finely tune in to. The only dominant factor is the voice of Oliver Tooze. It has a mixture of both raw emotion and class. He can control it just right, not purely shouting but not falsetto either. This EP is a prime example of good music. It’s smart, it’s memorable but most importantly, I could listen to it frequently in my spare time.

Glitterbox: Solitary drums give way for a resonating bassline that blends with a whaling guitar to create a wonderful compliment of sound. I would say this is the most rhythmic of their songs. The instrumental section towards the latter of the song threw in some intriguing sounds which become flavoursome together.

Make You Love This: A frantic start of an ill-sounding guitar and crashing drums slows nicely into a little interlude dominated by bass and vocals. This soon switches to a flurry of noise that builds and climaxes until throwing you back into the calm. It really plays with your mood.

Material Bones: My favourite of the EP. It seems much more tame than the rest of the songs but the reduction in pace is very pleasing. It has a moody feel to it musically, but the voice of Tooze provides shelter from being completely morose. This is an impressive song.

Velvet Cape: The rockiest of all the songs. It is dominated by guitars and is reminiscent of the new Arctic Monkeys album Suck It and See. I imagine this would create the best live performance. I found it to be the most energetic.

In conclusion, you don’t usually hear quality like this from a band on your local music scene. I wish them all the best; they deserve a reward for this piece of gold.

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