Blessa: Love is an Evol Word EP

Forming only in 2012 and regularly performing across Sheffield, five piece local band Bless have initiated a buzz all over the city and are set to release a four track debut EP titled ‘Love Is An Evol Word’.

Opening number ‘Unfurl’ opens with glittering guitars and a steady bassline to ease you into the EP. Front woman Olivia Neller’s ethereal vocals hold a whimsical element and sound classically trained, adding dimension to the track and making Blessa stand out from the crowd, bringing a new twist to the current alternative music scene. Lyrics ‘Since you went away / Since you went away / I’ve been in the dark’ conjure a melancholic feel, contrasting lilting instrumentals.

‘Island Minding’ opens with hazy guitars creating an instant dreamy undertone. Accompanied with sultry vocals, which deliver repeated lyrical pleas for help, the track builds to a feel of desperation, before drawing to a close with punchy percussion and leading you straight into the next track, ‘Kindred’. ‘Kindred’ continues in the same way as repetitious drums build with progressing basslines and shoe-gaze reminiscent guitars.

The final track on the EP is ‘Open Fields’ which begins with a bouncing bassline alongside repetitive percussion, later joined with shimmering guitars. Blessa slow the tempo with this number for an instrumental of somewhat psychedelic guitars before returning to the original shimmering instrumentation. On tracks like this, it’s easy to draw comparison between Blessa and the XX.

The four tracks on ‘Love Is And Evol Word’ merge together as a collective piece of music as opposed to 4 very different tracks just thrown together, which always makes for a great release. The EP takes a slightly different approach than the previously released single, ‘Between Times’, shifting Blessa’s sound from borderline grungy fuzz to a more delicate composition. With this strong follow up the future looks certain for Blessa and it goes without saying that this band is one to watch.

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