Blacklisters: BLKLSTRS (Brew Records)

blklisters1 | Blacklisters: BLKLSTRS (Brew Records)If you’re the kind of person that likes to violently throw yourself around amidst a group of sweaty individuals who share your passion, then this album might just be for you.

Blacklisters’ new album BLKLSTRS is teeming with frantic guitars, crashing drums and throat-straining vocals that are guaranteed to make you start bounding around your room looking for things to destroy.

Their opening gambit, ‘Clubfoot by Kasabian’ sets the bar for this rampaging album. Beginning with an ill-sounding guitar that lulls you slightly, it then flourishes into a full complement of blitzing music. It takes you by surprise as the full force of the band is let loose. It has a morose rhythm lurking in the background while singer Billy Mason-Woods aggressive vocals provide the bayonet to their music. It is packed with a feeling that attacks your senses.

I found this to be the nature of this album. You don’t sit by and idly listen to it. It comes up to you, grabs you by the throat, punches you in the face then you smile about it. It fills you with adrenaline, an adrenaline that almost coaxed my ill-body from the bed and into some kind of frenzy.

There are songs that break the mould though. The song ‘Nice Garden’ progresses from a beautiful bassline and talky vocals to throwing you into the fire. ‘Ask Yourself a Question if the Answer is Go Fuck Yourself’ also sits back a little from the quick tempo that dominates this album, admittedly surprising as the name suggests the same aggression I found on other songs.

If you are not into the heavy side of music I would not listen to this album. It holds no prisoners in its execution. Only those with a desire to destroy the world when listening to music will truly appreciate the artistry amongst the chaos that pulses in their music.

Look for this monstrous little gem being released  April 2nd.

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